Joe Myers Ford - Bad Management

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Wow...So I bought a 60,000 thousand dollar vehicle from Joe Meyers and because the General Manager did not like the review I gave her on a problem I had with my truck I have now been banned from the Dealership and they will not my service my vehicle. I knew that the General Manager was terrible but I would have never guessed that she was petty as well.

I read another review that was negative where the General Manager responded horribly to someone and called them fake customers. I have always loved Ford but after this I will rethink my choice in vehicles period. The really sad thing is that there is a recall on Freezing Door Locks with Ford and they sent me an alert to have it fixed and this dealership is refusing to fix something that FORD sent out. I sure hope that nothing bad happens I have alerted my family and my lawyer concerning this issue and will continue to reach out to FORD until I get to someone who can explain how a company would let this kind of service go on.

It’s such a shame that this is the service a dealership would give to someone who has purchased several vehicles from them.

I happened to be in the service department one day when I heard several people complaining and one gentleman was extremely agitated and said “Ford has let me down” I feel the same way and for a response from the General Manager…save it. You don’t care about your customers or your staff despite what is portrayed.

Reason of review: Bad Management.

Preferred solution: Dont buy from Joe Myers.

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Joe Myers Ford - No part for brand new truck

Not resolved

I recently bought a very expensive vehicle from Joe Myers Ford the truck as 6500 miles on it and is now broke down in their shop. They have admitted that by no fault of mine that there is an issue with the truck but apparently the part they need is on back order and there is no release date.

The worst part about this whole thing is that the response is its out of their hands. They cant even provide me with something comparable to drive because they have so many people with their vehicles in service that nothing is available. But it gets better when I try to get answers I get put on hold and then they send me straight to voicemail when I clearly know that's what they are doing. But wait it gets better, when you go to the website under contact us it has a place that says contact GM but when you click on it the site is under construction so I call and ask for the GM's email and the receptionist doesn't have it.

Then when I ask who her BOSS is the receptionist has no idea of who the owner is then sends me to someone who sends me to their voicemail. The really ironic thing is that when you get put on hold there is a message about how much the GM really cares about everything right down to how clean the bathrooms are ( NOT I have been in them) but doesn't matter if you have a vehicle that needs to be fixed and you are inconveniencing a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Joe Myers Ford Pickup Truck Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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